About Us

Medtech Ethiopia PLC

Medtech Ethiopia is a privately owned pharmaceutical and Medical supplies Importer and Distributor established in 1998G.C as a subsidiary company to GOH Import Export PLC near Sarbet Addis Ababa. Medtech is a place where Medicines which heal the ill are sold. Those who seek our Medicines are human beings; the Noble creatures of this world hence by default, we feel that we are working with the Noble profession of Medicine. That is why; we are morally and ethically obliged to give top priority to quality.

Today Medtech is a one of the fastest growing Pharmaceutical co. in Ethiopia.

We have specialized in the import and distribution of various :

Hospital Equipment.
Medical Supplies
Laboratory Regents
Laboratory Supplies
Bebelac Brands of Instant Milk Formulas
Lorado Brands of instant powdered milk
And wide ranges of other Health Auxiliaries

Our main ware house and Medical equipment workshop is found in Lafto. We have our own fully functional branch office in Hawassa at a place called ‘Hayk Dar’ we have a well established country wide distribution network covering almost all regions of Ethiopia We also have got recognized sub-distributors in five regions of the country namely Adama, Dessie, Bahirdar and Jimma . All our sub distributors and branch office have got a day to day communication with our headquater. Delivery of goods to our branch office and sub-distributor’s vicinity is supported by our decorated delivery vans. To avoid delay in delivery, Medtech has assigned more than 50 /fifty/ well equipped delivery vans. We also have opened our own Automotive Grange run by Mechanical engineers which do the servicing and Maintenance of our delivery and other administrative cars. All in all; Medtech now owns more than 65 Delivery and Administrative Cars. Probably Medtech is the only Pharmaceutical Company in Ethiopia who has got its own Medical equipment show room, Medical equipment maintenance workshop, Pharma grade Warehouse, Automotives Garage, General Hospital and Retail Pharmacies.

“All under our Roof”

Our extensive coverage of all the Medical and Paramedical Field Make us shine among the crowd

Vision and Mission

At MEDTECH,we give value to quality of products and service, commitment, continuous learning, positive team spirit, respecting others, loyalty, rewarding others' achievements and lending a hand to others. We use these values to create a better future for our business and the community. Our vision and mission are directing the company to success and great achievement.


  • To be the number one recognized and reliable supplier of complete ranges of top quality yet affordable pharmaceuticals and medical supplies throughout the country.
  • To be the first in registering as many unique yet very useful pharmaceutical in the country.


  • To contribute to the attainment of the national health policy by ensuring continuous availability of wide range of products in the market.
  • Truly understand our clients’ wholistic need & responding appropriately and timely to their maximum gratification.
  • Being profitable by ensuring a complete and continuous customer satisfaction.
  • Rendering our employees and business associates’ personal growth and a motivating company to work with.
  • Professionally monitoring our country’s demand and hence filling the gap timely and accordingly.
  • To be exemplary public private partner by being recognized corporate citizen.


For us values are compasses that direct our destiny. The following are the key words in our values.

  • Quality products and service
  • Commitment
  • Continues Learning
  • Positive team spirit
  • Respecting others
  • Loyalty
  • Rewarding others’ achievements
  • Lending a hand to others.

Message from CEO of Medtech Ethiopia

Dr. Mohammed Nuri, CEO

It gives me great pleasure to say few statements about MEDTECH as it is my brain child. Since its establishment, MEDTECH has pioneered the unexplored pharmaceutical industry, playing a key role in promoting the quality of health in Ethiopia. MEDTECH’s tradition of ingenuity has been a catalyst for the continuous improvement of our performance and growth. Particularly in the last 10 years, our company has maintained a leading position in the pharmaceutical sector of Ethiopia by extending its business endeavors from being a trader of limited drugs to manufacturer of diverse pharmaceutical products. Beginning with the import of few pharmaceutical products, in less than two decades, our company has transformed itself into the owner of two highly important pharmaceutical factories, Julphar Ethiopia and EPHARM.

I strongly believe that our most important company asset is our reputation for ethical behaviors. Our reputation is the key ingredient for building trust in our relationships with customers, competitors, suppliers, and other stakeholders. It influences so many aspects of our company. Our reputation shapes the level of trust we enjoyed among medical professionals; the way customers feel about our products and services; employees’ satisfaction and their commitment to work with us; the extent to which foreign suppliers seek to do business with us; and the way the regulatory agencies characterize our company. However, we know beyond doubt that reputation is a very fragile asset that can easily be destroyed by the actions or failures of one or more members of our management and employees. This ultimately reminds us to reiterate our unwavering commitment to adhere the standards of business conduct that constitute MEDTECH’s reputation in the public.

We have preserved the motto ‘we care to cure’ in our resolve and passion to uphold our corporate philosophy. That is why MEDTECH insists on quality as the core value in its business priority. As a responsible pharmaceutical company, we are dedicated to improve people’s access to high-quality, demand-driven, and affordable drugs in Ethiopia. Another key feature of MEDTECH is its emphasis on building customer’s trust. Indeed, MEDTECH is distinguished for its unique ability to adapt quickly to its customer needs and requirements. Unlike the current trend where many private companies are obsessed with creating short-lived economic gains, MEDTECH strives to generate mutual benefit for all partners and stakeholders based on the principle of “win-win transaction”.

As you all know, we are working in a complex environment that poses serious challenges and competition. However, the complex and challenging business environment has never thwarted us from our journey to fulfill our dream. It has rather prompted us to adopt an array of aggressive and creative initiatives that have led MEDTECH to be a leading company in the pharmaceutical business.

I believe that whatever wealth our company generates is meaningless unless it creates real value for society. In this regard, MEDTECH allocates significant proportion of its net profit for development projects and programs that have meaningful contribution to the wellbeing of the society. It particularly focuses on projects that help to improve the actual life of the disadvantaged groups of the society.

Today, MEDTECH is a large company stretching its branch offices to many regions of Ethiopia. However, we would not think of halting our journey, because, we believe that we are working in an evolving environment that provides vast opportunity to grow and thrive. For MEDTECH, it is still a high time for substantial growth and expansion. Therefore, I urge all members of MEDTECH’s family to reaffirm their commitment and devotion for the realization of MEDTECH’s vision, which is, becoming one of the three leading pharmaceutical companies in Africa in 2020. I thank you for your continued support.